S3E5: Use Momentum to Beat Procrastination and Laziness

What’s the number one thing holding your productivity back?


It turns out that people switch screens once every 40 seconds in a typical workday. But when we switch screens, we suffer a cognitive switching penalty. It takes us out of flow — where we do our best work — and it takes us about 23 minutes to get back into the zone afterward.

Not only that but switching all day can leave us utterly exhausted with very little to show for it.

But before you start blaming big tech for hijacking your attention, it’s important that we first look in the mirror.

90 percent of the time, when we reach for our phones or switch screens, it’s not because of push notifications. Rather, it is because of our own internal distractions and discomfort. It's a biological desire to conserve energy and take the path of least effort.

So how can we become better at overcoming this internal distraction, and free ourselves up for extended periods of focus?

In this episodes, I explore the power of Isaac Newton's momentum.


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