Outsourcing 101: How to Cut Your Work Hours in Half

I outsource about 30 hours of weekly effort that I previously performed myself, without any noticeable decrease in quality (and sometimes an improvement!) — that’s almost a standard workweek worth of tasks.

But the real saving is exponentially greater.

By outsourcing rudimentary tasks, it frees you up to invest my time on high-value tasks that align with your strengths.

This creates a lot more value than repeatable process-oriented tasks because it means better results that feedback into your motivation to invest your time, and so the cycle goes on.

But if you find yourself doing all manner of monotonous tasks on top of your value-adding tasks, then you’re likely to find it much harder to keep going and stay enthusiastic about your work — because it feels like, well, work.

Process-oriented tasks that can’t be automated can definitely be delegated or outsourced.

In this video, I explain the whys and hows of #outsourcing.



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