Introduction to Work/Flow Podcast

Many many moons ago, the Roman philosopher and statesman, Seneca, said that life is not short if you know how to use it. He added that people are frugal with their money, but no so their time, which is the one thing it is right to be stingy with, because time, unlike money, cannot be earned back when you spend it.

He was right. We waste so much of our time at work, to the detriment of our professional goals, our health, our personal relationships, and our experience of life. 

My name is Steve Glaveski, and I’m the founder of innovation accelerator, Collective Campus, the author of several books and numerous Harvard Business Review articles on all things productivity and performance at work. 

My mission is to help you unlock your potential to do more great work in far less time, whether you’re working as part of a team or flying solo, and to set you up for a richer life. 

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