How to Beat Anxiety with the Physiological Sigh and Get Focused

More than 50% of people across the world experience workplace stress, and the prevalence of stress is much higher in the United States.

This has been exacerbated by COVID-19 and its related stressors, with a meta-analysis published in Nature finding that there has been a dramatic rise in the prevalence of mental health problems globally.

The report finds that almost 1 in 3 adults are suffering from depression and 1 in 4 from anxiety.

This can create all sorts of problems in our lives, not least our ability to focus at work.

In this video, I explore how breathing helps to quickly allay us of state anxiety, free up attentional resources, and help us get stuff done.I'll explore research from Andrew Huberman and his team at Stanford's Huberman Lab - part of the Stanford School of Medicine.



00:00 The state of workplace #stress

01:47 How stress compromises our focus

03:19 How breathing counters #anxiety and stress

4:32 #AndrewHuberman's physiological sigh


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