Episode #95: Who Pays When a Self Driving Car Kills?

December 20, 2016

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I recently hosted a live Future Squared panel event where I had the chance to interview Brent Lehmann (GM at Willis Towers Watson, a lading global insurance broker and advisory company, Adrian Wrathall (motor Product Manager and CGU Insruance) and Rob Aktanarowicz (National Underwriter for Commercial and Heavy Motor at CGU Insurance).

We explored many topics including the moral dilemma around self driving cars, legislation and infrastructure supporting the proliferation of self driving cars and my favourite question and the title of this episode, who pays when a self driving car kills?

Note: Please excuse the audio quality of this episode. A number of factors worked against us here so we relied on the backup Facebook live video instead! Still, packed with great content so don't let that detract you!

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