Episode #92: Party @ Collective Campus - What Gets You Excited About Technology in 2017?

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We recently hosted a small party with some of our friends here at Collective Campus in Melbourne and after about 4 glasses of Gray Goose I couldn’t help but do the rounds and ask people in attendance, most of whom are either building startups, are working with emerging tech or are navigating the tangled web of corporate innovation, what kinds of technologies get them most excited about 2017.

This came about 4 or so glasses of Gray Gose into the evening so I slur my words or sound a little too excited, you’ll just have to forgive me.

Show Notes (in order of appearance):1) Akagu.com.au2) InsideInnovation.co3) Ubiquitus.co4) RazorSharpShow.com5) Michy.co6) BlockZero.io