Episode #67: How to Be a Great Boss with Rene Boer

Note: Please excuse the poor audio quality of this episode. Rene provides a lot of value so I encourage you to listen, despite this. Will ensure future episodes are of a higher quality.

Rene Boer is the co-author of How To Be a Great Boss.

"If your employees brought their A-game to work every day, what would it mean for your company’s performance? What would it mean for its ability to innovate and capture new growth opportunities?"

With 30 years experience in the Restaurant Industry, Rene learned the power of aligning people who have common values and the capacity to excel with a compelling reason to work hard at work worth doing.

As a Certified Implementer of EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Rene’s facilitate, teach and coach a complete business management system that aligns an organization's leaders with a common goal, helps them hold each other accountable to do what they commit to doing and to become a more effective and cohesive team.


Topics Discussed:

- The book & How to be a great boss!

- Rene’s background & time in management

- Bringing employees and people forward

- Teamwork and Core Values

- Performance Management

- ‘The Rubber Chicken Recognition’

- 5 leadership practices of all great bosses

- Clarity breaks

- ‘Delegate Elevate’

- Performance Reviews and more


Show Notes:

- The 5 leadership practices and 5 management practices of all great bosses that Rene discusses can all be found in his and Gino Wickman’s book How to Be a Great Boss: https://amzn.to/2xs0ruy

- EOS: www.eosworldwide.com/

- Twitter: @EOSWorldwide

- Email: rene@tractionprocess.com

- Website: www.beagreatboss.com (For a free toolkit and

- Task Management Tool discussed was Asana: asana.com



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