Episode #51: Agile Government Starts With You *midweek keynote special*

August 9, 2016

Collective Campus recently hosted an event called Disrupt the Public Sector, as part of the Australian Government’s Innovation Month 2016. The event saw over 100 public servants making their way to pack our event space in Melbourne’s CBD - they heard from a number of thought leaders talk innovation in Government - why it’s important, what it looks like, what the barriers are and how we might navigate these barriers.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak on the topic of an Agile Government and how transforming the way government thinks and moves begins with being more self-aware and ownership of our daily actions, both great and small.

I touched on a number of topics in this talk such as bottom-up innovation including various examples of how employees are driving change and how to get buy-in from the top in Government.

So this episode is a little bit different - the audio quality might not be as great as our usual episodes, as this was recorded live before an audience, but having received lots of positive feedback post the
talk, I thought that sharing it with listeners of Future Squared would provide a lot of value.

Even if you don’t work for Government, the concepts I discussed in this talk are just as relevant in a large enterprise as they in many startups.

By now you’ll know I’m a big fan of experimentation, so consider this episode an experiment of sorts, reliant on you the listener to validate or invalidate the assumption that people want to hear this kind of content! if you’d like to hear more of these midweek specials, then I’d love to hear from you - you can email me at steve@collectivecamp.us or hit me up on twitter @steveglaveski

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