Episode #201: The Future of Real Estate with Charter Hall, Equiem, realAS and Loc8

As you may know Collective Campus is powering the Charter Hall PropTech Accelerator, Asia-Pac’s first proptech startup accelerator.

As part of the promotion for the program, I recently hit the road and facilitated roadshows in Sydney and Melbourne, hosting panels in both cities.

In this episode of Future Squared, I bring you our Melbourne panel discussion which took place at Collective Campus and featured Gabrielle McMillan of Equiem, Josh Rowe of realAs, David Hodges of Loc8 and of course, Aidan Coleman, CIO/CTO of Charter Hall.

I’ll dig a little deeper into the bios of each of our panelists during the conversation.

In today’s conversation we not only discuss what the future of real estate looks like but also uncover insights on what it takes to get a startup from zero to one.

If you’d like to find out more about the Charter Hall accelerator program and apply you can do so at www.charterhallaccelerator.cc

So with that, enjoy this conversation on the future of real estate.

Topics discussed:

  • why Charter Hall is partnering with Collective Campus to work with proptech startups
  • what startups can expect from Charter Hall and the accelerator program
  • what kind of startups Charter Hall is looking for
  • where our panelists think the real estate industry has evolved in the past 5 years and where it is going
  • how realAS has found the transition from startup to working with a corporate (acquired by ANZ bank in 2016)
  • how startups can effectively sell to large corporates and REITs
  • technologies that our panelists are most excited by and their applications to real estate
  • challenges in developing a proptech startup from the ground up

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If you’d like to find out more about the Charter Hall accelerator program and apply you can do so at www.charterhallaccelerator.cc

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