Episode #173: Best Of: Rituals and Routines of Future² Guests

If you’re a long-time listener you’d be very familiar with the three lightning round questions I ask my guests at the end of each show - one of which is on the daily rituals and routines they maintain to stay on top of their games.

I’ve taken the time to revisit our back catalogue of almost 80 interviews to bring you some of the best answers I could find from leaders in their field - we’re talking world class authors, entrepreneurs, artists, neuroscientists, political strategists, philosophers and innovators - answers run the gamut from physical exercise,m mindfulness, diet and nutrition, productivity hacks and more.

Guests featured include Jamie Wheal, Jordan Harbinger, Rand Fishkin, Steve Blank, Massimo Pigliucci, Tim Harford, Tyler Cowen, Alec Ross, Susan David, Jake Knapp, Carrie Green and more.

I’m sure you’ll find many tactics in this episode that you can apply to your own life today in order to start reaping immediate benefit.

If you’re intrigued by any of the guests in this episode, then you can always go back into the Future Squared archives and revisit the full episode.

Guests Appear in this order:
Jamie Wheal
Ryan Blair
Andreas Antonopoulos
Steve Blank
Susan David
Jordan Harbinger
Massimo Pigliucci
Emilie Wapnick
Jacob Morgan
Tyler Cowen
Lawrence Levy
Erik Wahl
Tim Harford
Alec Ross
Parag Khanna
Jenny Blake
Brad Feld
Andy Molinsky
Carrie Green
Gary Bolles
Ash Maurya
Pascal Finette
Robert Kegan
Matthew E May
Brian Christian
Rand Fishkin
Whitney Johnson
Jake Knapp
Ted Rubin

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