Episode #129: Book Launch Day 4 of 5 - 1,500 Downloads and Counting!

It’s day 4 of our 5 day book promo for The Innovation Manager's Handbook and the book is still going strong with over 1,500 downloads so far.

Want a free hardcopy? I'll send a signed copy to the first ten people who share the free book offer with their Linkedin network by clicking here and tagging me in the post!

Of course I could not hit #1 in multiple categories on Amazon without the support of clients, partners and friends.

Big thanks goes to...

  • Leslie Barry from Sportsbet
  • Chris Joannou and Startup Grind Australia
  • Sean Hanrahan
  • Karen Dillon
  • Pascal Finette from Singularity University
  • Tim Harford
  • Greg Griffiths, AJ and Jeremy from Spigit
  • Evangelos Simoudis
  • Kat and the team at LaunchVic
  • Max Kelly at Techstars London
  • Dan Siepen over at CoderFactory
  • Niko Psaltopoulos from Brand Collective
  • Vincent, Nick and the team at Board of Innovation
  • Paul R Williams
  • Startup Victoria
  • Trinh Pham
  • Steve Brophy
  • Marie Ng
  • SEED Digital
  • Gaz and the team at General Assembly
  • Derrick Dicker
  • Nick Sheehan
  • Jamie Lee
  • Louis Spence from Randstad
  • Everybody who attended the launch night
  • My awesome team at CC!

...and anybody I may have missed, I am sorry, you know who you are!

Want me to read out your name on the show, just head to bit.ly/innovationbook which will lead you to a pre-populated Linkedin post, just tag me and share the book with your network. Not only that, but I’ll also send you a signed hardcopy of the book! Until next time, Future Squared is out.


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