Episode #382: The Psychology of Friendship with Lydia Denworth

Lydia Denworth is a contributing editor for Scientific American and writes the Brain Waves blog for Psychology Today.

She’s the author of three books, including the newly published Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Extraordinary Power of Life’s Fundamental Bond, which demonstrates how friendship goes deeper than our emotional responses, and affects us on a cellular level.

We explored  the psychology of friendship, and in particular looked at:

-       What makes a good friend

-       Whether digital friendships and Zoom calls are a substitute for the real thing

-       Why loneliness can kill and how friendship makes us healthier people

-       How to toe the delicate line between parent and friend

-       Friendship at work, and how it can help us to cultivate trust and support innovation

We unpacked that, and more, in this fascinating conversation with today’s guest, Lydia Denworth.

Topics Discussed:

-       Definition of friendship

-       Foundations of a strong friendship

-       Evolutionary foundations

-       Physiological impacts

-       Loneliness

-       Digital friendship

-       Neuroscience of friendship

-       Friendship in lockdown

-       Circles of friendship

-       Benefits of friendship

-       Trust and group cooperation

-       Friendship across gender lines

-       Meaningful work and meaningful relationships

-       Loneliness in the workplace

-       The good life

Show Notes:

Twitter: @lydiadenworth

Web: lydiadenworth.com

Get the book:  https://amzn.to/2yDpSxe


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