Episode #376: How to Avoid Going Crazy During COVID-19 Lockdown

Many of us the world over now find ourselves in isolation, either forced to shelter in place as is the case in large parts of California, or practice social distancing and effectively spend more time at home.

While Counterstrike gamers and Netflix bingers might’ve been unknowingly in training for this moment their entire lives, for most of us — even the introverts among us — this period might test our emotional fortitude, all the more so because there is uncertainty around when this experiment in social isolation will end.

According to The Depression Project, isolation has the capacity to and is already triggering a number of mental health issues as a result of:

  • decreased financial security
  • social withdrawal and loneliness
  • fear the health of our loved ones
  • anxiety over catching COVID19
  • a survival mindset
  • less distractions
  • lack of control and feelings of hopelessness

It’s no wonder that solitary confinement is used as a form of punishment at many prisons — one that has been found to cause anguish, provoke serious mental and physical health problems, and work against rehabilitation.

In this episode, I unpack what you can be doing to come out the other side a strong, better version of yourself.

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