Episode #327: Beware of Digital Agencies Selling Innovation

Welcome back to Future Squared for yet another installment of Fast Fix Friday, although this one is another not so fast fix edition.

In this episode, I aim to shine a light on the deceptive practices being carried out by digital agencies across the globe, and whilst I will be speaking specifically about practices pertaining to serving corporate innovation clients, the same set of practices are affecting young startups and entrepreneurs everywhere.

I feel it my obligation, as somebody who works in the space of innovation and entrepreneurship, to ring the warning bell. If it means that one less person, or one less organisation, ends up not spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on inferior applications that don’t serve to move the needle an inch forward, and in fact go on to compromise the individual or organization’s desire to bring something new into the world, then I will consider this a very worthy use of my time.

Of course, not all digital agencies are created equal, just like not all innovation consultants, are created equal. There is good and bad in every industry, but having seen first hand through my work on too many times to count, digital agencies over-charging and under-delivering, I couldn’t sit idly by any longer.

To make my point, I first need to take you back to the mid 19th Century to a rural town in the Australian State of Victoria by the name of Ballarat.


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