Episode #299: How to Build Authority and Systemize Your Business with Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier

Welcome back to Future Squared for a special mid-week double trouble episode, as I bring you not one, but two guests.


Joe Fier is a creative who came to the table with a video editing turned outsourcing business. He’s damn good at creating custom marketing roadmaps to skyrocket client sales results. Matt Wolfe is a systems and tech optimization guy who is a fanatic about content repurposing strategies. He’s famous for SEO, data analysis, split-testing and conversion optimization. Together, they are the founders of Evergreen Profits, which they’re building to become the largest online content marketing platform this side of Neil Patel.

They also host the popular Hustle & Flowchart podcast, which I was fortunate enough to appear on just last week.


I’ve enjoyed getting to know both Matt and Joe and had a lot of fun geeking out with them about all sorts of topics, including:

  • What the secret to their enduring business relationship is (they’ve worked together for more than 10 years)
  • How the guys go about systemitizing their business so that they can focus on what they call their zones of genius; and
  • How to build authority in a particular domain when you’re starting from ground zero


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