Episode #288: Build Your Personal Brand Online with Brittany Hennesy

Brittany Hennessy is the author of Influencer: Building Your Brand in the Age of Social Media, she’s the first-ever Senior Director of Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships for Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and the co-founder of Carbon.

In 2007, after graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in journalism, Brittany created ChiChi212.com, which was nominated by Paper Magazine for “Best Nightlife Blog,” and became an influencer for Bacardi, Popchips, Svedka, and the Gap. When she was flown to Germany as the North American ambassador for Nivea just to hang out with Rihanna on a cruise ship and tweet about it, she knew it was time to make the switch from journalism to social media.

She has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Business of Fashion, Digiday, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Glossy, Girlboss, Mobile Marketer, Al Jazeera and other publications.

In this episode, we explored the world of influencers.

Expect to learn:

  1. What an influencer is, why influencers are important and why you should consider becoming or leveraging influencers
  2. How to build your community and create great content; and
  3. The dark side of social media; how to grow your online persona without becoming addicted to technology, depressed or neglecting to invest in your real life

Topics Discussed:

  • Brittany’s background
  • What an influencer is and why they’re important
  • Why you should consider becoming more influential
  • How to build your community
  • How to create great content
  • How to distribute your content
  • How to engage your audience
  • How to leverage influencers to build brand awareness
  • The power of authenticity
  • Big butts on social media
  • Influencer burnout
  • The dark side of social media

Show Notes:

  • Twitter: @2Legit2Britt
  • Instagram: @mrsbrittanyhennessy
  • Web: BrittanyHennessy.com
  • The Book: Influencerthebook.com


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