Episode #274: How to Pitch Anything with Oren Klaff

Oren is Director of Capital Markets at investment bank Intersection Capital where he manages its capital raising platform. From 2003-2008 as he applied his pioneering approaches to raising capital and incorporating neuroscience into the capital markets programs, Oren raised over $2B in investor capital from high net-worth individuals and financial institutions for entrepreneurs.

His bestselling book, Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading and Winning the Deal, has been considered by many to be thesales bible and it’s a book I read when first embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, return to often and it is amongst the books I have gifted and recommended most to other entrepreneurs and sales executives.

We discussed:

1: How to place yourself into a position of power when selling, regardless of the social context

2: How to sell to large organisations who insist on dragging out things and involving various people and committees in the decision making process

3: How to get past people’s innate fear of uncertainty and the unfamiliar when selling new technologies and ways of doing things

I was really looking forward to this conversation as a long time fan of Oren’s book, Pitch Anything, and might come across as a bit of a fanboy in this episode so...apologies for that. A heads up, our connection dropped in and out throughout this conversation, however the value bombs that Oren dropped throughout the chat are well worth listening in through to the end.  

Expect to not only learn lots about the science of persuasion but also hear some delightful profanity laden stories and learn about Oren’s extensive motorcycle collection.

With that, I bring you, the one and only, Oren Klaff.


Topics Discussed:

  • Selling to large organisations
  • How to best qualify prospects so you don’t waste your time
  • How to use the moral authority frame to get the deal done
  • How to sell ‘new things’ that threaten your prospect’s sense of control and certainty
  • How to put yourself forward as the prize
  • Traps to look out for when selling
  • How to seize situational status
  • Oren’s vast collection of motorbikes and cars
  • Oren’s new book, Persuade Anyone

Show Notes:

Oren’s website: PitchAnything.com

Twitter: @PitchAnything

Online Course: PitchMastery.com

Get the Book: https://amzn.to/2NtNfLO


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