Bonus Episode: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants with Adam Jones and Adam Ashton

Adam Ashton and Adam Jones met as two young blokes while attending Monash University, studying commerce and structural engineering respectively. Both were keen on making the most of their advantaged access to education as Australian citizens, ready to start their first job in the big city.  They looked to books to answer some big questions such as ‘how do I make the most of my life?’ and ‘how do I get people to like me in the office?’. They found more than they bargained for.

Since June 2016, they’ve committed to reading and reviewing a new book each week, hosting the What You Will Learn podcast, that has seen them interview everyone from Scott Adams and Dan Pink to Robert Cialdini and Annie Duke.

I enjoyed catching up with the guys on the 2nd of January, as we dusted off the cognitive cobwebs of the holidays and settled in for an hour long discussion on all things life-changing books, mindset and philosophy.

With that, strap yourselves in for a conversation with the hosts of What You Will Learn, Adam Jones and Adam Ashton.

Topics Discussed:

-      The backstory

-      Why books?

-      Learning from leaders

-      Collecting dots

-      Aiding retention and recall

-      Positive serendipity

-      Escapism through books

-      The inverted U and reading toomuch

-      Non-fiction v fiction

-      Mindset and philosophy

-      Why reading non-business books helps you become a better entrepreneur

-      How to limit the downside

Show Notes:

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2.    Top 50 books of all time:


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