Are Early Birds REALLY More Productive Than Night Owls?

For years now we’ve heard people extol the virtues of getting up at 5am.

Whether it’s books like Hal Elrod’s miracle morning, Robin Sharma’s 5am club, or Dan Luca’s the 5am revolution, or whether it’s influencers like former navy seal Jocko Willink religiously posting a photo of his wristwatch to Instagram when he wakes up at 4:30am each day.

But does the early bird really get the worm?

Or is the game just hacked in their favor?

In this video, I explore how we're all different, how you can determine your preferred sleeping pattern, and set your day up for success.

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00:00 Introduction and Famous Early Birds

02:12 Preferred sleeping patterns (chronotypes)

03:40 The Solutions to Zoom Fatigue

05:35 Famous Night Owls

06:40 Determine Your Preferred Sleeping Patterns with the MEQ Test


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