435. How to Raise Venture Capital in 2024

Julia Krieger is the managing partner of Pari Passu Venture Partners, a network of founders supporting founders. She has been both an operator and a venture investor and so has unique perspectives on all things startups and VCs.

In this conversation, we explore:

  • Julia’s time investing over $100M for Insight Partners
  • Her experience building sharing economy marketplace, VillageLuxe
  • How Pari Passu invests on an SPV model instead of a fund model, and the benefits of this
  • Operator-led VC firms v non-operator led VC firms and their respective merits
  • Where the venture landscape and valuations are at today
  • The impact of AI on capital efficiency
  • Tips for founders looking to raise
  • How going through difficult times breeds empathy
  • We also touched on Scale AI’s meritocratic-based hiring process and how Julia thinks about backing diverse founders

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