433. Political Correctness in Comedy with Joe Avati

In this episode, I sit down with international touring comedian Joe Avati, known for his hilarious takes on Italian-Australian life and its cultural quirks.

Joe is currently in the midst of his When I Was Your Age world tour, and I had the pleasure of catching him perform in front of a sold out crowd of 450 people in Melbourne.

Joe shares insights on early life, pursuing the arts, how he has dealt with the adversity of bombing, the grit needed to make it in any profession, why comedians shouldn’t get married, raising kids to be resilient in today’s climate, and the impact of political correctness on not just comedy, but on emerging generations of young people.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Tour Update: Joe talks about his ongoing tour across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He shares anecdotes from his recent shows and reflects on the global reach of his comedy.
  • Early Life: Joe reminisces about growing up in Five Dock, Sydney, as the son of Italian immigrants. He discusses his family's move to Australia and how his heritage influenced his comedic style.
  • Career Beginnings: Joe recounts his start in comedy at Sydney’s Original Comedy Store at the age of 21. He shares stories from open mic nights, the challenges he faced, and his journey to becoming a successful comedian.
  • Family Expectations: Initially studying food science and aspiring to be a restaurateur, Joe discusses his family's reactions to his career choice and how they eventually embraced his path in comedy.
  • Comedy in the Modern Era: Joe addresses the changes in comedy over the past 20 years, including the impact of social media and the rise of politically correct culture. He shares his thoughts on controversial comedy and pushing boundaries.
  • Parenting in 2024: As a father, Joe talks about raising kids in today's world, the importance of resilience, and ensuring his children grow up well-adjusted.
  • Celebrating Cultural Differences: Known for highlighting cultural quirks, Joe explains how he balances making fun of these quirks while also celebrating them, particularly in his Italian-Australian community.

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