430. So You Wanna Be an Influencer with Taryn Williams

In this episode, we delve into the complexities of social media influence, authentic leadership, and the pursuit of happiness in entrepreneurship.

Today's guest is the remarkable Taryn Williams, a veteran entrepreneur who founded Wink Models, The Right Fit (exited), The Influencer Agency (exited), and the innovative gifting service, #Gifted.

In a candid discussion, Taryn talks about the challenges and successes she faced building businesses in her 20s and stepping back into a leadership role, and emphasizes the vital roles of self-care, mentorship, and maintaining genuine team connections.

Taryn shares invaluable insights on navigating the influencer economy, the shift towards micro and nano influencers, and the importance of organic growth and audience engagement.

She also reflects on the impact of social media on young people, stressing the need for authenticity over appearance.

We weigh in on the dangers of "struggle porn" and the reality behind the pursuit of universal success through social media platforms, shedding light on the psychological effects of these digital tools on our values and aspirations.

Show Notes:

Instagram: instagram.com/tarynwilliams

#Gifted: www.hashgifted.com

Get your free content audit and strategy: www.sonicboom.vc


00:00 Founded multiple successful businesses, including Wink Models.

05:00 Supportive network, fair pay, collaborative approach, success.

08:44 Early on, I struggled with delegation.

12:15 Scaling a business requires talented team.

15:18 Founder values cultural fit, technical understanding, learning.

18:33 Consistent follow-up for building and maintaining relationships.

20:00 Act on feedback to gain mentor's support.

24:26 Find market fit, build, test, adapt.

25:53 Planned sabbatical interrupted by successful business venture.

29:32 Regret over past decisions, focus on relationships.

32:40 Self-reflection on motivations for success and happiness.

37:46 Chasing external markers of success leads to unhappiness.

41:29 Navigating societal pressures to pursue personal ambitions.

44:04 Navigating sensitive topics while maintaining authenticity online.

48:38 TikTok sale may change US algorithm. Instagram adapts.

49:41 Brands prefer Instagram over TikTok for control.

54:03 Clarify goals to shape effective marketing strategy.

57:34 Steve invites weekly email subscribers for updates.