425. The Electric Motorcycle Revolution with Dennis Savic

Dennis Savic is a pioneering entrepreneur and innovative thinker in the fields of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

As the founder and CEO of SAVIC Motorcycles, he has introduced high-performance, eco-friendly models that cater to a wide range of consumers. Born in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia, and raised in Australia, Dennis holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has always been passionate about the intersection of technology, design, and environmental responsibility.

We explored

  • Dennis’ upbringing and inspiration for getting into motorcycle building
  • Savic Motorcycles' C-series cafe racer motorcycle
  • The company’s journey to $6m in pre-orders
  • Its current Equitise crowdfunding campaign
  • Challenges faced by EV startups include manufacturing economies of scale, talent acquisition, and competition from established automakers.
  • How the future of the motorcycle industry is evolving with the introduction of AI, autonomy, and charging infrastructure.
  • How Savic Motorcyles is bringing the manufacture of parts in-house to reduce costs, improve performance, and speed up time to market
  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • The most impactful books Dennis has read
  • And so much more
  • Show Notes:

    Website: www.savicmotorcycles.com

    Crowdfunding campaign: https://equitise.com/offer/savic-motorcycles-offer