423. Kevin Kelly: From Wired tgo Wisdom-Excellent Advice for Living

Kevin Kelly is a renowned technology writer, futurist, and entrepreneur who co-founded Wired magazine in 1993. He has authored several books on the impact of technology on society, including "The Inevitable" and "What Technology Wants." He is also a sought-after speaker and advisor on emerging technologies and their social and economic implications. His new book, Excellent Advice for Living: WIsdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier, distils Kelly’s timeless advice on everything from right living to setting ambitious goals, optimizing generosity, and cultivating compassion. He has wisdom for career, relationships, parenting, and finances, and gives guidance for practical matters ranging from travel to troubleshooting. In this conversation, we unpack:

How Kevin’s beliefs have changed his beliefs over time

Kevin’s perspective on success and external validation

Why we shouldn’t pursue being the best, but being the only

3 things Kevin would take with him into the afterlife

Why you should kill your darlings, and throw out work you’ve labored over

How Kevin would spend the next 10 years if he was 21 years old today

Learning how to be more compassionate towards people with views that we find abhorrent

Why we shouldn’t measure our lives with someone else’s ruler, and how to get better at that

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