421. Conquering the Startup Abyss, Navigating Economic Uncertainty, and the Global Banking Crisis with Daniel Cannizzaro

My guest today is Daniel Cannizzaro, founder of fintech company Parpera.

I invited Dan back on to discuss the difficult landscape that startups find themselves in, and how Parpera has been navigating both macroeconomic challenges, and some very unique technical setbacks.

If you’ve ever found yourself or currently find yourself navigating uncertainty and staring at the proverbial abyss, then this conversation serves as a reminder that when we find ourselves going through difficult times, only by focusing on what we can control can we slowly but surely get back on track.

We touch on the impact on Dan and his business, the impact on his team and customers, and how to manage relationships with key stakeholders through difficult times when there is little measurable progress to speak of, whilst maintaining a shared belief in your vision.

We also touch on the global banking crisis, the impact on startups, and where the economy is headed.

Show Notes:

Parpera: www.parpera.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielcannizzaro

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