420. How to Do What You Love with Musician and Producer, Chris Temelco

Chris Themelco is a founding member, singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Australian metal band Orpheus Omega, founder and chief engineer at Monolith Studios, and producer for numerous heavy rock acts.

Whether you’re a fan of heavy music or not, this conversation is an absolute must-listen for anybody wanting to make it in a competitive or creative pursuit - be it as a musician, entrepreneur, comedian, content creator, artist, athlete, or ‘influencer’.

We unpacked numerous topics that get to the heart of what it takes to excel at almost anything and cultivate a life doing what you love, including:

The importance of range, and how creativity is all about connecting dots between our experiences

The sunk cost fallacy

Motivation versus discipline

Emotional regulation

Why process trumps results

The value of not having a plan B

Making the jump from gainfully employed to being your own boss

Why most things aren’t binary

Real world guerilla marketing versus digital marketing

Why showing up when you don’t feel like it matters

Managing your energy and rhythm throughout the day and year

The creator economy, and why having several income streams is becoming the norm

The state of the music industry today, and how some top tier musicians are making more money streaming than they do playing arenas

The 1000 true fans concept

And so much more.

Show notes: Orpheus Omega on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/54Fv7qOKjyLWOWlwMUl2J9

Orpheus Omega on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orpheusofficial/

Monolith Studios: https://monolithstudios.com.au/