411. Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and Collectable Digital Art with Saatchi Art's Monty Preston

Monty Preston is the Manager of Art Advisory & Curation at Saatchi Art.

Prior to joining Saatchi Art in 2018, she worked at female-led, industry-disrupting startups including Beauty Pie in London, where she managed content and creative, and The RealReal in San Francisco, where she specialized in luxury estate management with a focus on designer apparel and fine art.

As an artist and photographer, Monty has collaborated with renowned talents in the fine art and fashion industries, providing her with the unique insight into the creative process that she brings to her curatorial practice.

In today’s conversation, we are going to explore the world of digital art and NFTs.

You will learn:

  • What the hell NFTs or non-fungible tokens are, and why you should care
  • Transformational use cases of NFTs
  • Why an NFT from digital artist, Beeple, sold for over US$69M
  • Some potential downsides or challenges that face the world of NFTs
  • How to start thinking about getting your brand into NFTs and the metaverse
  • Saatchi Art’s The Other Avatars NFT Project

You’ll learn this and more in this conversation with Monty Preston.


Show Notes: