40 Bullshit Excuses You Tell Yourself

Nothing fancy here… just a list of 40 BULLSHIT EXCUSES that you’re probably telling yourself (and that I’ve previously told myself) getting between you and your best life.

1. I’m too busy / I don’t have the time
2. It’s just not me / I’m not capable
3. It’s who you know (and I don’t know the right people)
4. I’m too old / it’s too late / I should have started earlier
5. I’m just not lucky (so I may as well not bother)
6. It’s too hard
7. It’s too far away / it takes too long to get there
8. I’m not tall enough / I’m not athletic enough
9. I’m not attractive enough / cool enough
10. I’m not smart enough / I’m not educated enough
11. It’s just not me
12. My kids take up all of my time
13. By the time I get home from work, I’m too tired or it’s too late
14. It’s too cold / it’s too dark
15. It costs too much / I don’t have the money
16. It’s my ethnicity, gender, color, or socioeconomic group
17. It’s impossible
18. The system is rigged against people like me (so I may as well not bother)
19. There’s no point
20. Good things don’t happen to me (so I may as well not bother)
21. I don’t know how to do that
22. It makes me feel uncomfortable
23. It’s not socially conventional
24. I don’t have the right clothes
25. I tried it once, and it didn’t work
26. I’m not in the right headspace today
27. I need to rest (a fine line between being true and an excuse)
28. I can’t be bothered
29. I don’t have enough experience
30. It’s out of my reach
31. I’m in a different stage of life
32. I don’t have enough time left to do that
33. It’s the season / the economy / the market
34. It’s not the right time
35. I’m not ready
36. I’ll do it tomorrow
37. I won’t be able to make as much money as I am now
38. My mortgage, kids’ school fees etc. prevent me from pursuing my passion
39. The algorithm is rigged against me
40. It’s too late to start now / others are too far ahead

Replace these limiting excuses with empowering beliefs.

I can MAKE the time.
I can MEET the right people.
I can EDUCATE myself.
I CAN do it.
I can CREATE my own luck.
DISCOMFORT breeds progress.
I can LEARN how to do that.

Be consistent, and just see how your life changes over time.

Our brains are wired to make excuses and take the path of least effort — this is an evolutionary trap — but by being aware of this, catching yourself making convenient excuses, and overriding them with empowering beliefs and actions, you can go further and live a more empowered and fulfilling life. 👊